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Right here…right now…

I am always borrowing from Wes Fryer…here is some more stuff to do with what is happening or possibly not happening…in education…

‘Do you understand the “normalcy bias” in our educational context?

I have been studying people who are not just surviving in this situation, the are THRIVING
– to help us and our students do this, it is going to take another level of fluency

It is not about getting ON the web, it is about being OF the web

Remember the old days of the web: web 1.0?
– it was a big digital library
– it was a read-only experience
– very little interaction
– it was just a bigger library

This is a PEOPLE revolution, not a technology revolution
– we are social beings

Web 2.0: new technologies emerged
– we can take notes as we are reading a text at the same time
– technologies driven by human needs
– that is web 2.0
– we love web 2.0′

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