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The earth moves and we humans do our thing

My friend Joe, astute observer of the human condition and supplier of this pic, and living-as he does-in Christchurch NZ, which has been in the news recently because of earthquakes…

has some interesting observations about human behaviour vis-a-vis the movement of the earth:

‘The demand for sleeping pills and rescue remedy, which rose dramatically after the first earthquake, is going down while domestic violence is going up. In fact, it went up 47% after the first earthquake. House sales have gone down to a record low. There were half the sales this August compared to August last year (which was already bad) and are now the worst in living memory. But the demand for heart services, especially angiograms, to diagnose heart disease is up, so in the end, everything seems to be in balance. 0h! I forgot, the price of coffee has gone up, but try as I might, I can’t connect the increase to the earthquake.’


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