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Drug warnings!

This is the stuff that always worries me. The article in a widely read daily newspaper is called ‘Heaven and Hell’ and is about ‘Ice’, the crystalline form of methamphetamine. And I will assume the best of the journalist, that they were trying, in the course of doing what journalists do – which is to write articles – to be responsible in alerting us to the dangers of something in our society.

Yet I worry. One person talking of their use of ice said: ‘…you were instantly much, much higher. It’s hard to describe.’

The article goes on to say that a couple who had used found ‘…there was no hangover, no crash, no anxious-depressive speed comedown. It was the best of all worlds.’

The article also has a section which looked at the downside and this was called ‘The chilling facts.’
Chronic depression
Severe paranoia
Proneness to acts of violence
The acceleration of apoptosis, or natural cell death…which…can result in…premature ageing.

So are we scaring people here, or just making them thoughtful? Would someone reading this reconsider using this or other drugs? What stands out for people as they read? Do we say to ourselves, as most of us do who get into cars, that (with considerable evidence to support our belief by the way) we will make it home safely?

I continue to worry about WARNINGS. Yes, we need to know what could await us if we do…X. And yes, we really do need information…and yet still people enter into relationships knowing that there is something like a 40% chance of that relationship ending up on the rocks. We continue in the hope that we will be happy, that our hearts will not be broken. That tragedy will befall us. That we are in the other group, the 60% who are make it. Or we tell ourselves that the risk is worth it.

Here is a footballer…with just a little damage…..


Chipped tooth
Separation of joint in shoulder
Cracked ribs
Torn pectoral muscle
Externally rotated hip
Abdominal hernia
Shattered bone in finger
Snapped bone in finger
Cracked thumb
Bruised femur and tibia
Torn ligament
Hamstring sprains
Bone erosion in ankle
Bone spurs in ankle

If we told him when he was younger that this would happen to him would he have continued? Well what do you think? I suppose we could point out this example to young players and they would ….do what? Stop playing? Or would they say to themselves…’it won’t happen to me.’ Or will they say: ‘It might happen…but it’s worth it!’

We really do need to be thoughtful about what we think might be useful.

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