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It’s a new world

I don’t know if I am scared by this or excited by it. Again from the prolific Wes Fryer.

‘Telecommunications convergence is a topic with which I’ve grown increasingly familiar over the past few years, and I address frequently in blog posts, workshops, and conference keynote presentations. Convergence has BIG implications for learning. As digital devices become increasingly ubiquitous, people of all ages will have opportunities to access digital content (including video) in more places, at more times, with greater levels of personalization and choice. In addition, an even more disruptive innovation is the ability of individuals to author and publish content for a global audience with connected, digital mobile devices with a few button clicks. As easily as past generations have made phone calls, citizens today and tomorrow are publishing and will increasingly publish media for global distribution and consumption. We live in the day of the prosumer, where the lines between content consumer and content creator will continue to become increasingly blurred.’

But here is our boy at the age of about 18 months…and he knows how to use that thing….

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