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Ahh…hope…and a sense of humour

In response to my post below about gloomy predictions and communication, I said I would post something more positive when I found it….

Here is John Huxley writing in the Sydney Morning Herald on 7-8th Feb. 2009. The headline reads:

‘And now for the good news’
and then;
‘A recession is no laughing matter, writes John Huxley, but we might as well have a bit of fun’

And then goes on to tell us various things. Like, people tend to drink and smoke less in tough times. We tend to lose weight, exercise more. And he says some people are kind of saying:

‘Bring it on.’

Times are tough, so what the hell!

In his article John tells us that many people seem to be saying ‘no; to rampant consumerism and ‘no’ to all that information that we thought we needed. So, hey, here is another voice to doom and gloom sayers. Ta John.

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